Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review! Worth it?

Apple’s new macbook pro is thinner and lighter than its predecessor with a flattened keyboard  an expanded touch-pad it’s also got new Intel CPU’s faster storage and a brighter retina display also USBC only which has been controversial to say  the least but you know all that already what you really want to know is what about that crazy touch bar how does it work the touch bar is along theoled touchscreen, that sits above the keyboard replacing the traditional function kero and it usually displays basic controls like screen brightness and value but when you launch a supported app new contextual buttons pop up on the screen is it a gimmick.

macbook pro

If you spend a bit of time trying to figure out different apps you’ll end up with maybe five or six favourite things that can really streamline your  experience and started using a few instinctively almost right away the initial thing you want to do with the touch bar though is set up touch ID with the built-in fingerprint reader just by placing a finger on the touch ID and clicking down user profiles which almost  instantly you can also change the default buttons in the keyboard preferences menu just by dragging.

macbook pro

New ones to the bottom of the screen and right onto the touch bar in safari each tab you have open is represented by a tiny thumbnail image tag on once which is the browser to that tab messages has an emoji button which gives you a long scrolling collection of everyone’s favourite nonverbal  communication tool scroll over to the one you want just have on it iTunes get useful transport controls including the ability to scrub back and forth in both songs and videos it’s definitely find a control then you get with just the touch pad and until we get photo-shop support apples photos offers the most in-depth touch bar support there’s a wheel for rotating a photo to crop it you can also run through all the built-in photo filters or adjust brightness and colour all by running your finger across the touch bar of course these are examples of Apple’s own apps the only ones that currently have touched our support if you prefer chrome safari.

For example you’re out of luck at least for now but Microsoft Adobe and others are expected to add support in the near future the touch bar is fun but the biggest decision when it comes to the new mac-book may act we come down to something more practical are you ready to move into the USBC only future we’re connecting nearly any accessory is going to require a special cable or dongle it may seem daunting but many of the latest ultra-thin windows laptops have also gone USBC only so there’s a good chance we’re all going to end up there eventually.

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