Navigating Chrome

Navigating Chrome on Windows by Keyboard:Chrome Menu Options

I’m going to show you some ways how to access and use the Navigating Chrome menu using just your keyboard on your Windows computer. Navigating Chrome Menu Options: Let’s take a look. To get to the Navigating Chrome main menu, press Alt F. Alt E works, too, by the way! I can then use the arrow […]

Windows XP Install IPhone

Windows XP Install IPhone : Run Windows XP on All IPhone Series

Ever tried or thought of running Windows XP Install iPhone 7 or 7 plus or 6, 6S Or 5? I’m going to tell you how you can run Windows XP Install iPhone without Jail breaking it. To get started, Open up your PC and download these 4 files from the link mentioned below DOWLOAD HERE […]

Delete Temporary Files

Simple Method Delete Temporary Files in Windows XP,7,8

In general, if you delete temporary files in Windows will be deleted. But sometimes we have to remove them and then some files are missing a lot of opportunities to be struggling So I can tell you  simple method delete temporary files for all windows Delete Temporary Files Step by Step: First to click the […]

Access Websites without Internet on Mobile or Computers

Hello friends today I will tell you how to use websites without internet like face book, twitter, and any other am going to show you how to access that site without internet connection on your smart phone. several times we need to access some very important pages but we can’t access it, due to some […]

Brain Based Chips

Brain Based Chips -The Future of Computer Technology

Hello friends I can tell you how future is depending on Brain Based chips, Brain Based chips are the Future of computer Technology so we’re going to go back to our roots to solve one of the biggest challenges that we face today. Which is the volume of data that we’re producing I’m going to […]