close friends are lost

When Promises are not Kept close Friends are Lost

When promises are not kept, close friends are lost.♥ The account of Peace and Happiness is credited when God is remembered, but debited when He is forgotten.♥ Sometimes in life we wear so many masks that it becomes difficult to see your true self.♥ Violence at home can lead to blood in the streets.♥ If […]

life’s garden bear’s significance

Every Tree in life’s Garden Bear’s Significance

Nothing is just coincidence, every tree in life’s garden bear’s significance.♥ What is more important, your standard of living or living a life with correct standards? When your associates change their minds, make sure you don’t change your mood.♥ The fool is never satisfied while the wise man finds wealth in contentment.♥ In the long […]

people who gossip

When you Agree with People who Gossip

When you agree with people who gossip, you will be the next one they slander.♥ When the world becomes like a wild storm, the most beautiful shelter is God.♥ To remain cheerful, congratulate the self and others on their specialty.♥ One should be simple, but not stupid.♥ There cannot be final result until you finish […]


Self-control will give you unlimited control

Self-control will give you unlimited control.♥ To fulfill God’s desires is to fulfill your own.♥ We used to say, “As innocent as a child”. There days what we can say? Learning to love yourself frees you from hatred of others.♥ If we realize that wars are born in the minds of men, we would make […]

God is my Supreme Companion

When I forget that God is my Supreme Companion

Loneliness comes when I forget that God is my Supreme Companion.♥ Patience makes you cool and calm; It makes the journey possible.♥ If you do wrong and try to prove you are right, TIME will smile at your foolishness.♥ Only after you awake, you do realize you were sleeping.♥ When an obstacle comes in your […]