Navigating Chrome on Windows by Keyboard:Chrome Menu Options

I’m going to show you some ways how to access and use the Navigating Chrome menu using just your keyboard on your Windows computer.

Navigating Chrome Menu Options:

Let’s take a look. To get to the Navigating Chrome main menu, press Alt F. Alt E works, too, by the way! I can then use the arrow keys to navigate through these items, and press Enter if I want to select one.

Navigating Chrome
Navigating Chrome Main Menu

Here, you can open up new tabs; access your history, bookmarks, print options, settings, help, and much more. It’s definitely a useful menu. If I don’t want to use the main menu, there are a few other shortcuts that get me right where I want to go.

To open my browsing history directly, without navigating to the menu first, I can just press the keyboard shortcut Control H as in history Notice how it opens in a new tab of its own. The same is true for the Bookmarks Manager.

Navigating Chrome
Navigating Chrome Browsing History


Navigating Chrome
Navigating Chrome Bookmark options

To open it, I press Control Shift O. Notice that my cursor is automatically in the Search Bookmarks box. Using the Tab, Arrow, and Enter keys, I can Chrome around to manage and organize my bookmarks. And then, I can press Control W to close this tab.

Navigating Chrome
Chrome Downlaod History

To access my download history, I press Control J. It also opens in a new tab of its own, and I can get to my downloaded items here. Finally, let’s try printing. If you press Control P – as in Print – the Chrome print dialog opens. Here you can press Tab to navigate through the options and change your print settings if you choose……or press Enter to print using the default settings.

Navigating Chrome
Chrome Printing Options

We’ve now talked about accessing the various options on the Navigating Chrome menu using only the keyboard.

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