Love has Nothing

Love has nothing to do with Bodies Do you know

Do you know that love has nothing to do with bodies? Make effort to uplift yourself; do not degrade yourself, For one’s own self is one’s friend and one’s own self is one’s enemy.♥ If your thoughts are pure, it becomes easy to say what you think and do what you say.♥ Remember! The conduct […]

Love is great power

Love is Great Power But it takes Power to have Pure love

Love is great power, but it takes power to have pure love.♥ When jealousy raises its ugly head, even the ones we love become our enemies.♥ If you ALWAYS do your best, You will be free from regrets.♥ When all your attachments are with One God, Then your achievements are many.♥ To give money in […]

The Price of freedom is always Responsibility

Price of Freedom is Always Responsibility

The Price of freedom is always Responsibility.♥ When there is Patience there is Peace. Where there is Peace there is Love.♥ Patience teaches you to peace yourself.♥ It is not necessary to search for Peace. It is within.♥ Your pure vibrations are subtle form of service.♥ Tolerance wins the hearts of others.♥ We may forget our […]

God's Blessings go only to those who are honest

God’s Blessings go Only to Those who are Honest

God’s Blessings go only to those who are honest.♥ Force of Peace is greater than the atomic bomb, greater than any power the world can produce.♥ There will always be the opportunity to learn for those who desire it.♥ Concern for the quality of my actions to-day ensures the success of my tomorrow.♥ When the […]