Simple Method Delete Temporary Files in Windows XP,7,8

In general, if you delete temporary files in Windows will be deleted. But sometimes we have to remove them and then some files are missing a lot of opportunities to be struggling

So I can tell you  simple method delete temporary files for all windows

Delete Temporary Files Step by Step:

  1. First to click the START button in your windows and OPEN ACCESSORIES and click NOTEPAD.
    Delete Temporary Files
    OPEN notepad IN Accessories


  2. After open NOTEPAD, you will write below code in your Notepad.

@echo off
del /s /f /q c:\windows\temp\*.*
rd /s /q c:\windows\temp
md c:\windows\temp
del /s /f /q C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
del /s /f /q %temp%\*.*
rd /s /q %temp%
md %temp%
deltree /y c:\windows\tempor~1
deltree /y c:\windows\temp
deltree /y c:\windows\tmp
deltree /y c:\windows\ff*.tmp
deltree /y c:\windows\prefetch
deltree /y c:\windows\history
deltree /y c:\windows\cookies
deltree /y c:\windows\recent
deltree /y c:\windows\spool\printers

3. And after save the file, but file must save (.BAK)

Like for example: NOTEPAD.bak

  1. After open the file and RUN ADMINISTATOR.
    Delete Temporary Files
    Run Notepad using Run as Administrator


  2. Suddenly COMMAND PROMPT will be open and clean your all temporary files.
    Delete Temporary Files
    Temporary files are Deleted


  3. In your windows the total temporary files are deleted.
  4. ENJOY

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