Windows XP Install IPhone : Run Windows XP on All IPhone Series

Ever tried or thought of running Windows XP Install iPhone 7 or 7 plus or 6, 6S Or 5?

Windows XP Install IPhone
Windows XP Install IPhone 

I’m going to tell you how you can run Windows XP Install iPhone without Jail breaking it. To get started, Open up your PC and download these 4 files from the link mentioned below


Windows XP Install IPhone STEP by STEP:

  1. Now extract the impacter file. Open up the Now open up the extracted file.
  2. But before that do remember to install iTunes on your PC, without which this procedure is useless. It basically enables you to install iPhone drivers.
  3. Install iTunes. Double click on the impacter.exe file Connect your iPhone to your PC
  4. Then drag and drop this ibox.ipa file onto this impactor. Login with your iTunes Email id and password, Let the installation take place.
  5. You may receive a notification saying you are not a developer. Nothing to worry about Simply Open up your browser, Go to
  6. Sign with your iTunes id and password there and enroll in there developer program.
  7. Once all this is done and the ibox.ipa file is successfully installed, install this iFunBox application on your PC.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions. NEXT, NEXT, NEXT and let the installation complete.
  9. Now run the installed application. Go to the file browser option, then app files sharing.
  10. Open this iBox app in Sandbox” mode there.
  11. Then extract this slimmed down version of Windows XP.
  12. You will find “c.img” in the extracted folder. Just drag and drop that into the iFunBox application.
  13. Once the file is copied, you can disconnect your iPhone.


  • Now on your iPhone, open up the newly installed iBox application.
  • You will find the configuration list to be blank. Click on the plus icon to add a new configuration.
  • Now click on drives, again tap on the plus icon. Then select HDD. You’ll find c.img automatically saved as default.
  • Now go back, select the start up disk to HDD and then choose extension as none.
  • Now turn of the sdl enabled option. Save all these options.
  • Now run this newly saved configuration. It will take a moment to process the configuration.
  • After which it will run Windows XP on your iPhone.

This is the process of Windows XP Install IPhone (windows xp on iphone) so please share your friends and they will definitely surprise.

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